HouseMark Innovation is your gateway to pioneering innovation in the housing sector

HouseMark Innovation

We have created a space where:

  • innovation is explored
  • failure and success are analysed
  • iterative improvements are assessed
  • we can all collaborate on the innovation journey

A free service, HouseMark Innovation has been developed to support you, your organisation, and your customers and supply chain during this rapidly developing digital age.  When change is the only constant and good practice is being redefined at warp speed, you need a resource that you can trust when keeping up with, or ahead of, change and innovation. HouseMark Innovation is that place.

Explore Innovation Insight

Data Intelligence

Data intelligence takes a range of existing data (human - or machine-generated) and/or real-time data such as sensory data from meter readings or computer-generated information (such as logs) and transforms it with the aid of intelligent human understanding into focussed components of actionable and predictive insight to help you plan for your future activities. Connect with us to learn more about how we can help you derive meaningful intelligence from big/small, open/secure, or structured/unstructured data.

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Customer and Community Insight

What do you know about your customers and their community?  What do they want? What services do they want you to provide and when? Are you aware of their needs and aspirations for the future? This information is key to developing and delivering customer and community focused services which are both personalised and cost-effective. We can help you leverage your data to derive greater understanding and translate this insight into tangible outcomes for you, your customers and the communities you work in.

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Safe Data & Data Protection

Information runs through the veins of your organisation. Whether it is customer, employee, financial, asset or any other kind of data, the viability, integrity, reputation and possibly the very existence of your organisation could be at stake if your information isn’t safe and adequately protected. From personal data to enforced subject access to data breaches to freedom of information or the latest insights on the General Data Protection Regulations coming out of Europe, our panel of experts are here keep you in the picture.

Find out more about Safe Data & Data Protection

Communities of Interest

Central to innovation is the opportunity to work collaboratively in assessing the potential of innovation opportunities; whether it’s IoT and technology, customer and community insight, safe data and data protection, digital futures, big data or all of them, this is the place for thought leaders in the sector to come together to collaborate, to keep ahead of the game and debate the latest thinking.  In this transformative time of change our Communities of Interest are the place to be.

Find out more about Communities of Interest

Learning Through Experience

Our ground-breaking experiential learning programme of facilitated visits to successful commercial businesses and social enterprises is the fast-track to knowledge and leaders in innovation.  Whatever sector you visit, whether retail, industry, sports performance, technology or ecology our Business Connect programme enables you to experience new and different ways of working at first hand and fosters an environment of accelerated learning through self-discovery and on-going connections with the organisations visited.

Find out more about Learning Through Experience

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