About HM Innovation

This free and open-access website is your gateway to pioneering innovation in the UK housing sector. As well as offering news and information about the latest ideas, initiatives, and products, it will provide a central hub for Internet of Things (IoT), technology providers, big data experts, suppliers, contractors, investors and others to get involved.

The website is rich in constantly-updated innovation, including:

  • latest news
  • videos
  • blogs
  • thought leadership
  • community of interest groups
  • facilitated interactions between technology providers and the sector
  • updates on ground-breaking discovery projects
  • data safety and protection guidance, and much more.

What’s more, we have a ‘Launchpad’ for IoT, tech providers and app developers to ‘pitch’ to Mercury, our HouseMark Innovation service, which provides carefully tested and meticulously evaluated IoT, digital and technology products and services for the UK housing sector. Mercury will undertake detailed research into these products and services and help bring the best and most suited to market.

Above all, we want this to be a place where you can incubate and collaborate on new ideas and evolve smarter solutions for the sector.

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