Customer & Community Insight

Customer Insight

Customer insight is more than just raw data or research, it’s a multi-dimensional view; “a deep truth about the customer”, based on their background, behaviour, experience and needs.  

Customer insight can be used to inform strategy and policy, to allocate resources, to manage performance, to market services, to change behaviours and to inform service design.

There are three key areas where HouseMark can support you in gaining greater customer insight: 

  • Utilisation – analysing existing customer databases to identify which customers take up services, and by which channels (whether they prefer contact by post, face to face, online etc.). This can be compared to the expected levels of take up identified by segmentation
  • Segmentation – using commercial or internal segmentation tools to predict which customers are likely to need a service or services
  • Engagement – analysing data from consultation, customer journey mapping, customer satisfaction measurement, etc. to identify your customer’s needs, behaviour and expectations.

Why not join with your peers in our collaborative Tenant Insight Discovery Project?  This ground-breaking project will help you get the most from information you already hold on customers to adapt your services, boost satisfaction and grow your business. By pooling your time, knowledge and costs with like-minded providers, your investment will deliver more than you can do alone. 

Contact our team to find out more about Customer Insight.

Community Orchestration

Big Data in housing means making the best use of data already held by, or available to, providers. Sharing that data with partners can help providers develop a problem-solving perspective that takes in the whole ‘community’ rather than a focusing on a single service, department, organisation or customer group.

This approach, developed by our partners at Nottingham University Business School and known as Community Orchestration, sets up information superhighways that help partners to share appropriate information to which the latest data analytics techniques are then applied.  This, in turn, generates ideas for making service delivery more transparent and effective for service uses whilst reducing costs.

The need for such as system is summed up in recent comments by MP, former Health Minister, Stephen Dorrell:

“Currently, information about an elderly person is held by the social care system, the social housing system, the pharmacist, the community nurse, the GP – “all of them separate systems; none of them related to each other. How can you deliver care when you are running this massive multiplicity of uncommunicative bureaucracies?
“Not only do they not exchange information or use information with each other. They also have separate budgets. The example is the handrail which stops admission to the fracture clinic. Prevention is not merely cheaper. It is better.”

HouseMark is currently working on a Community Orchestration demonstrator project and we will share more details on this soon.

Contact our team to find out more about how Community Orchestration can help you.

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