We've come a long way from crushed glass...


The first CO detector was developed in 1925. It involved manually crushing a glass container filled with palladium chloride, acetone and other chemicals in order to detect CO.


The standard audible and visual alert CO detectors that are most widely used today first came on the market in 1993.

Next Generation

Around 2013, CO detectors were introduced that can connect to other detectors to trigger alarms in all units. Some allow you to extract data in situ if you stand below them and connect to your smartphone.

Cutting Edge

Now, in 2015, a truly smart CO1 service has arrived. It offers ‘real-time’ remote reporting of CO findings, tampering, battery and sensor status. SMS alerts are sent to landlords, tenants and emergency services.  The battery and sensor remotely self-test each week.

The Truly Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector – CO1



You install the ‘smart’ CO1 detector (a new digital generation of detector that remotely self-checks) in your relevant properties



Using SMS messaging, the CO1 detectors report their status via the resilient and secure Stream GSM mobile network. Status messages include 'Alarm', 'OK' and 'Battery Status'



All of the messages are received by the Smart Compliance secure servers and are logged in a database



The messages are sorted in real-time by priority and displayed on screen in a colour coded priority order in a monitoring centre



Alarm messages trigger both a visual alert on-screen in the monitoring centre and an automatic response via SMS messaging to the responsible party

CO1 brought to you by Smart Compliance in association with HouseMark

Safety and Compliance Benefits

Carbon monoxide is produced when fuels such as gas do not burn fully.  Each year there are around 40 recorded deaths from accidental CO poisoning (ONS) and in excess of 200 non-fatal cases that require hospitalisation.  How are you monitoring carbon monoxide in your stock? Are you managing the risk in terms of the ‘Serious Detriment’ requirements?  With the CO1 detector you can ensure that:

  • Your CO1 detector is fully functioning – the unit automatically tests the battery and sensor every week; sending a verification SMS message to a central monitoring service. It also automatically sends a message if the detector is faulty or has been tampered with.
  • If a CO emission is detected, as well as generating an audible and visible alert in the property, a digital message will be automatically sent to the monitoring centre and an emergency response can be initiated.
  • You can evidence that you comply with your legal and duty of care responsibilities as it remotely logs all testing and alarms in a central secure database.

Cost Saving

  • Lifespan savings – do you replace your CO detectors without understanding how much lifespan is contained in the units? The CO1 detector’s unique feature of sensor and battery life detection means that you can understand the true lifespan and maximise your investment.
  • Savings on false call outs – a landlord with 32,000 homes connected to the gas network found that they had 60 false call outs a month.  If CO1 detectors had been installed, Smart Compliance estimate that this landlord would have realised savings of around £50,000 in aborted call-outs due to the remote checking of the battery and sensor.
  • Administration savings – you no longer need support staff logging and profiling each CO incident. This would have saved the 32,000 home landlord around £10,000 a year.
  • Reduced requirement for forced entry – the estimated cost for attending a forced entry per property is £210.00 plus VAT (with a housing officer and joiner in attendance).  Add on a gas engineer, police and social work and the estimated cost per property equates to £234 plus VAT. (Source: Annual Gas Safety Checks - Midlothian Council)

How the CO1 detector compares

Please rotate your device to view the comparison table
FunctionKey FeaturesTraditional Carbon
Monoxide detectors
The Smart
Carbon Monoxide Detection Audible and visual alarm
  SMS text alarm
Monitoring Emergency services alerted
  Recording of low level exposure
Compliance Evidence of detector testng
Advantages No need for annual battery change
  BSI accreditation undefined
  Landlord notified of tampering
  Real time data for maintenance
CO1 brought to you by Smart Compliance in association with HouseMark 

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