Do you want to reduce costs while maximizing talent? Say hello to Amelia

15/10/2015 12:55:56

Do you want to reduce costs while maximizing talent? Say hello to Amelia

The creativity and ingenuity of human talent is subdued by the mundane, repetitive, routine and uninspiring tasks that eat up 80% of our daily lives. With cutting-edge technology that emulates the human brain, you can slice the cost of carrying out the 80%, and free up resources to re-invest in high-value functions.

How can you free up your human talent from this drudgery?  Say 'hello' to Amelia.  Named after American aviator and pioneer of the sky Amelia Earhart, Amelia is a pioneer herself in the field of cognitive computing, a type of computing which learns by experience and/or instruction like a human. Amelia applies the science of human thought to comprehension in a way distinctly different from any other artificial intelligence platform and unlike any other technology available today. 

Amelia is able to read and digest the same training information as her human colleagues but in a matter of seconds and without needing time intensive programming. Amelia also learns on the job by observing interactions between her human co-workers and customers and independently builds her own process map of what is happening. She then stores and applies that knowledge to determine how to resolve similar situations on her own. This ability to observe, understand and automatically apply this knowledge combined with the speed at which she learns allows her to quickly become an expert in any field in which she works. And with the ability to speak more than 20 languages, she can easily speak with so many of your customers whatever their language.

Contact centres can field a wide range of questions and requests, and Amelia’s ability to learn quickly and ask qualifying questions to get to the root of a problem makes her ideal for providing call centre support. Amelia is able to receive customer inquiries and provide answers by understanding what a customer is looking for and asking the necessary questions to clarify the issue. She can also find and access information, all in order to solve a problem and provide a customer with an answer. If she cannot help the customer herself, she will raise the issue to her human counterpart, and she can then aid them in solving the problem, while also learning how to solve the problem herself for future situations.

In sectors where compliance is critical, companies can rely on Amelia to follow governance rules precisely. Reducing risk exposure is inherent in her nature and she can always ensure a full audit trail is available.

What's more, because she is digital, Amelia will never be a victim of “human error” – she doesn't get tired, no matter the time of day, and works at the same high standard all day, every day, no matter how she is deployed.

With Amelia at work, new processes will emerge as she helps companies introduce new service enriching processes and efficiencies not previously possible or financially feasible. In turn, employees can take on higher-level roles such as mining data to formulate new ways to enrich your business and improve performance.

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